Ricotta Ball Soup

So different from the ordinary soup or the ordinary meatball. And so very tasty ! I don’t know which is better – the lemony broth or the big cheese balls !

Ricotta Ball Soup
Ricotta Ball Soup

6 servings
268 calories per serving

1 lb. ground chicken
2 c part skim ricotta
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/4 c egg beaters
1 1/2 t kosher salt
8 cup no fat chicken broth
Zest of one lemon
6 oz. baby spinach

Mix chicken, ricotta, parmesan, Egg Beaters and salt. Refrigerate 15 minutes. In a soup pot combine broth and zest and bring to a boil. Make 18 meatballs with the chicken mix. They will barely hold together, but just keep as ‘ball-like’ as possible and drop into the broth. They will immediately sink. Simmer until they float and are completely done, about 15 minutes. Add spinach and let wilt for 2 minutes. Serve immediately.

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