French Toast with Benefits

This stuffed French toast is a welcome change to boring old French toast. The surprise inside is preserves and creamy cheese ! Make it different every week by changing the flavor of the preserves and the fruit topping.

French Toast with Benefits
French Toast with Benefits

2 servings
268 calories per servings

2 T low fat cream cheese
4 slices whole wheat bread (45 calories per slice)
2 T strawberry preserves
1/2 c egg beaters
3 T skim milk
1 t vanilla
1/2 t cinnamon
1/8 t nutmeg
optional – fresh or frozen berries for the top

Spread cream cheese on 2 slices of bread leaving a small border so it will not melt out of the sandwich when cooking. Put preserves on the other 2 pieces and make a sandwich. Cut in half. Beat eggs and whisk in milk, vanilla and spices. Heat a skillet and spray with Pam. Dip the sandwich halves in the egg mix and let site a few seconds to soak up some of the mixture. Put in 2 at a time if you have room the bowl. Cook 3 minutes each side.

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