Ebates – I’m an Internet Shopper

I’m an internet shopper – I think the best deals can be gotten on the net. I often buy specialty food items or even regular food items that my local stores don’t stock after doing internet searches and finding the best deal. All this shopping and I had not signed up to Ebates until recently – how silly of me ! I could have been racking up the rebate $$$ all this time !

It’s pretty darned easy – you sign up and you get cash back when you shop at certain retailers. The list of retailers is HUGE (over 1200 and many are places you already shop online – BJ’s, Target, Macy’s, Staples, Drugstore.com, Cooking.com and on and on and on !) Why not use your best rewards credit card and you can get cash back from Ebates on top of your credit card cash back rewards and bonuses !!

If you sign up under my account then I get a referral bonus – – so if you’re thinking about signing up, I appreciate your taking my link to

Start earning cash back with me ! 🙂

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