Taylor Ham and Cheese

If you’re from the NY Metro area, then right away you know what I’m talking about 😉 But if you’re not, you’re probably scratching your head. Taylor ham is a very regional item – I have never found it anywhere other than the Northeast and only part of the NE ! It is a compressed product of pork and spices / flavorings. It comes presliced or in a roll like a big roll of bologna. It has a flavor like NOTHING ELSE. It is served as a side to eggs (like bacon or sausage) or on a roll. A BIG breakfast sandwich here is Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a hard roll. (Don’t even get me started about a HARD roll – in the NE it is a type of roll, it does NOT mean a stale roll – hehehehe).

I’ve skinnied up the extras so that this sandwich comes in at only 265 calories per serving. To my fellow NJ and NY peoples, enjoy 🙂 (those of you out of state will have to wait to you visit the area – when you do, be sure to try this incredible product).

Taylor Ham and Cheese
Taylor Ham and Cheese

1 serving
265 calories per serving

2 slices light wheat bread (Stop and Shop has a great one that is only 35 calories per slice)
1 slice Kraft fat free singles cheese
2 thin slices Taylor Ham (pork roll)

Brown the pork roll in a hot skillet. Make a sandwich. Enjoy 🙂

(I cut into the pork roll a couple of times before frying – this helps it to not curl up during the cooking process).

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