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Hi, my name is Aileen and it’s great to see you here sharing my blog.  I have been cooking since I was a teen.  My Mom put a home cooked meal on the table every night and so do I (it’s a challenge when you work full time, but it is well worth it!).  I love food – I love making it, I love eating it.  I love how it brings people together.  My most favorite thing to do is share a meal with family and friends.  And we often end up talking about other food while we are eating this food.

There’s pretty much nothing I can’t make, though I really prefer cooking savory meals to baking.  I have made it all from scratch at one time or another and still cook mainly this way.  I have a discerning palate and a taste for spicing things just the right way.  My recipes are definitely not bland and that helps when creating satisfying meals – your mouth knows it ate after it’s done with one of my meals 🙂

I am one of 5 Neon Pigs, a self-named group of foodies.  How did we get the name?  We decided it was sooooo appropriate because everything right in the world exists in a BBQ joint with a neon pig hung in the window 🙂

I was blessed with a great metabolism and for years and years ate anything I wished without gaining an ounce.  From 35 forward I gained a few pounds here and a few pounds there and then after age 40 my metabolism came to a screeching halt and I could just not get off the compounded weight with just plain exercise.  A drastic plan was needed….so here I am, 40 something and trying to make my world right by creating recipes that satisfy yet still fall into a healthful lifestyle that I know I will have to now forever follow if I want to maintain a healthy body.

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