Chicken Piccata and Orzo

Orzo, chicken, piccata sauce – – pure heaven ! This is one of my favorite dishes. It is definitely restaurant worthy and it’s so easy to do. It’s a great dish to make when entertaining – your guests won’t even know they are eating healthy 🙂

Chicken Piccata and Orzo
Chicken Piccata and Orzo

4 servings
346 calories per serving

1 c uncooked orzo
2 t grated lemon rind
4 4 oz. boneless skinless chicken cutlets
Salt and pepper to taste
1 T olive oil
1/4 c white wine
1/2 c chicken broth
1 T lemon juice plus 1 t lemon juice
1 T chilled butter, cut into small pieces
2 T chopped fresh parsley

Cook orzo according to package instructions. Stir in the lemon zest. 1 t lemon juice, salt and pepper and keep warm. Heat oil in a skillet. Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper and then cook chicken 3-4 minutes each site or until done. Remove the chicken from the pan and keep it warm. Add wine to pan and cook 2 minutes then add broth and 1 T lemon juice and bring to a boil and cook another 2 minutes or until it’s reduced to ½ c total. Remove from the heat and stir in the parsley and butter until the butter is melted. Serve chicken over orzo.


I was a weird kid – I loved succotash and asked for it regularly ! I had not made it in quite some time, but now that I have the perfect recipe, I’ll be making it a whole lot more often.


8 servings
182 calories per serving

4 slices bacon, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
16 oz. frozen lima beans
1/2 c water
10 oz. frozen corn
1/2 c skim milk
2 T butter
2 T cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 t Molly McButter

Heat a skillet and cook bacon until crisp then remove it and drain on paper towels. Add onion and cook 5-6 minutes. Add beans and water and cook 5 minutes then add corn, milk, butter and vinegar and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Stir in bacon. Add Molly McButter, salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Cheesy Broccoli and Bean Soup

This sure doesn’t taste like it’s only cooked 8 minutes – it tastes much more like a soup that has been prepped and cooked for hours. The depth of flavor is fantastic. It has a bright and vibrant broccoli taste that is mellowed by the beans and cheese. Very, very good ! This is quite a good serving size – you can easily move this to 5 side servings and have this next to a salad or sandwich.

Cheesy Broccoli and Bean Soup
Cheesy Broccoli and Bean Soup

3 servings
220 calories per serving

14 oz. vegetable broth
1 c water
1 lb. broccoli florets
14 oz. cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
1/4 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1 c shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Boil water and broth in a saucepan. Add broccoli and cover the pan and cook 6 minutes then add the beans, salt and pepper and cook 2 minutes. Place half the soup in a blender with ½ c of the cheese. Puree and place in a bowl. Repeat with the remaining soup and cheese.

Butter Pecan Ice Pops

I recently got a Zoku Quick Pop Maker. BEST THING EVER ! I love making pops but hate the wait time. Now I have ‘em in 7-9 minutes 🙂 This is one of the recipes I pulled from the Zoku book – of course, I’ve tweaked many of the recipes to suit my own tastes, bring down calories, and to get creative with the pops, but some are in their original goodness.

The maker gets sooo cold that sometimes the first batch come out with a crackling motif on them – looks kinda cool !

You can make any of these recipes in traditional pop makers – each pop here is 2 oz. so adjust accordingly. And if you love pops like me, then do yourself a favor and get a Zoku 🙂

Butter Pecan Ice Pops
Butter Pecan Ice Pops

6 servings
178 calories per serving

¾ c pecan halves
½ T salted butter
1 T brown sugar
¾ c water
2 ½ oz. butterscotch morsels
½ c half and half
½ t vanilla extract

Toast the pecans in a skillet with the butter and sugar. Cook about 3 minutes stirring often. Let nuts cool completely.

In a saucepan over low heat whisk water and butterscotch morsels and cook until melted, but don’t boil. Cool 10 minutes then stir in the half and half and vanilla and then refrigerate until completely cool, about 20 minutes. Whisk occasionally so that a skin does not form on top of the mixture.

Working in 2 batches – place approximately 6 pecan halves in each mold and then pour in the butterscotch mixture up to the fill line. In 7-9 minutes you’ll have rich, flavorful pops that rival the experience of butter pecan ice cream 🙂

If you are using traditional molds, freeze 6 hours.

Low Fat Mac Salad

When you add in a lot of veggies to bulk up mac salad, you can really bring down the calorie count and this one is so creamy !

Low Fat Mac Salad
Low Fat Mac Salad

16 servings
121 calories per serving

8 oz. multi grain pasta, uncooked
3 c small broccoli florets
1 red or green pepper, chopped
1 c low fat mayo (I like using the olive oil one!)
1/4 c low fat sour cream
2 T Dijon mustard
1 T red vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped

Cook pasta according to package instructions and add the veggies into the water during the last 2 minutes of cooking time. Rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process and then drain well. Add mayo, sour cream, vinegar, salt and pepper, and mustard and stir well then add eggs. Chill at least 3 hours so the flavors mingle.

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