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Asian Sesame Slaw

This has WOW flavor ! Serve this next to any Asian inspired dish (Asian Grilled Chicken comes to mind) for a great salad that takes over every tastebud in your mouth !

Asian Sesame Slaw
Asian Sesame Slaw

8 servings
60 calories per serving

1/3 c Miracle Whip light
2 T KRAFT Light Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing (I use this dressing in hot and cold dishes)
3 T lime juice
6 cups finely shredded cabbage (get the Dole pre-shredded to save a lot of time)
1 c snow peas, julienned
1 carrot, coarsely grated (not necessary if you use the Dole cabbage that has carrot in it already)
2 stalks celery, thinly sliced
1/4 c chopped cilantro
1 T minced ginger
2 T sesame seeds, toasted
Touch of salt

To toast sesame seeds, place in a hot skillet and sauté for a couple of minutes until they turn golden and are aromatic. Mix lime, Miracle Whip and Sesame dressing well and pour over the rest of the ingredients (except the sesame seeds). Mix well. Chill at least 2 hours. Sprinkle with seeds just before serving.

Irish Colcannon

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made with potatoes and cabbage. It makes an excellent side dish. And it’s a perfect way to use up left over cabbage and potatoes !

Irish Colcannon
Irish Colcannon

10 servings
115 calories per serving

1 1/2 lb. potatoes (about 4 large), peeled and quartered
3 slices bacon, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
1/2 c water
4 c cabbage, thinly sliced
2 T butter
1/2 c skim milk, warmed
Salt to taste

Put potatoes in a large Dutch oven and add enough cold water to cover the potatoes then bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Heat a skillet and cook bacon then remove it from pan and drain. Add onions to skillet and cook 4 minutes. Add water and stir to loosen the bits stuck to the pan then add cabbage, cover and cook 7 minutes until water is evaporated. Mash drained potatoes with butter and milk then add the cabbage mix and salt and mix well.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Watching your diet does not mean you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ! With sensible portions, you too can be eating corned beef and cabbage and reciting Irish tales and blessings 🙂

I personally do not like corned beef very much and never cook it (thank goodness our dear friend makes it for my husband) – – so you won’t see a picture or recipe creation here. But I wanted to lay it out for you calorie wise…

3 oz. of boiled corned beef is 180 calories
4 oz. of boiled corned beef is 240 calories
Cabbage is so low in calories it is silly – 1/2 c boiled cabbage is 17 calories
1/2 c of boiled potatoes is 68 calories
1 c of boiled potatoes is 136 calories

If I were going to eat this, I would do the lower meat and higher potato count because I am a verified carb hound 🙂 So my meal would come in at 350 calories for:

3 oz. corned beef
1 c boiled cabbage
1 c boiled potatoes

But you can flip it and do more meat and less sides if you wish ! The recipes for this are pretty simple – throw the stuff in water with the seasoning packet that comes with the meat and boil like heck 🙂 Here are links to a few recipes to help you judge timing:



May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Stir Fried Bok Choy

This is a great, crisp side dish that can be paired with just about anything. I bet it can even get cabbage by your kids 🙂 Add a teaspoon of chili sauce with garlic (found in the Asian section of your market) to make this a super spicy dish.

Stir Fried Bok Choy
Stir Fried Bok Choy

4 servings
87 calories per serving

2 t peanut or olive oil
10 cloves garlic, minced
1 T chopped fresh ginger
¼ c chicken broth
¼ c water
1 red bell pepper in small ¼ inch squares
2 carrots halved lengthwise and thinly sliced
4 c 1 inch strips of bok choy or Napa cabbage
1 t sugar
½ t salt
2 t sesame oil

Heat oil in a skillet on medium low heat. Add the garlic and ginger and cook for one minute then add the broth and ¼ c water and cover and cook for 7 minutes. Add the bell pepper and carrots and cook 1 minute then add the cabbage and mix well. Sprinkle with sugar and salt and cook 5 minutes or until cabbage is tender. Drizzle with the sesame oil (and optional chili and garlic sauce) and serve immediately.

Vegetable Eggrolls

I just made these again recently – what a great recipe ! I had the wrong calorie count on them and a reader helped me realize that – but I have updated taking into account the calorie count of the most popular brand of eggroll wrappers.

These eggrolls will soon be on your favorites list. Add 1/4 c duck sauce to the side for just an extra 60 calories. If you’re in the mood for some seafood try adding some cooked popcorn shrimp.

These make a great side dish, stand alone lunch, appetizer – – very, very versatile !

Vegetable Eggrolls
Vegetable Eggrolls

6 servings
162 calories per serving (1 serving = 2 rolls)

12 square eggroll wrappers (available in all grocery stores)
2 c shredded cabbage
1 c chopped onions
1/2 c shredded carrots
1/2 chopped bean sprouts (canned are fine)
1/2 c chopped celery
1/4 c low sodium soy sauce
2 T minced garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 t onion powder
1/2 t garlic powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place all the ingredients other than the wrappers in a frying pan sprayed with Pam and cook on medium high heat, stirring often, for 15 minutes or until vegetables are softened a good amount.

Spray a cookie sheet with Pam. Work with just a couple of wrappers at a time. Place wrappers on a DRY surface and place 2 spoonfuls of filling on each. Dip your finger in water and moisten all 4 edges of the wrapper. Fold sides in toward the middle. Then roll bottom up and around rolling until you have a fully done roll.

Here’s the filling mix:

Eggroll Filling
Eggroll Filling

Here’s a great instructional site with pictures that shows you how to quickly roll an eggroll

And here’s a video I just made so you can see how it’s done – it’s so easy !!

Seal the outside edge with a wet finger and place roll on the baking sheet. Finish up the rest of the rolls. Once all the rolls are complete, spray the tops with Pam. Bake 20-25 minutes or until the tops are golden brown.

Curried Slaw

This is a great dinner or lunch side. The curry and apples give it nice surprise flavor.

Curried Slaw
Curried Slaw

16 servings
120 calories per serving

1 c Miracle Whip
1 T curry powder
¼ of a medium head of green cabbage, shredded
¼ of a medium head of napa cabbage, shredded
1 medium zucchini, shredded
1 large carrot, shredded
2 celery stalks, chopped
2 green onions, thinly sliced
2 Granny Smith apples, thinly sliced

Mix dressing and curry then add all the other ingredients and mix well. Cover and refrigerate several hours so flavors mingle well.

Sesame Beef Wrap

Part sandwich wrap, part egg roll – this is a great lunch or dinner wrap packed with flavor and crunch.

Sesame Beef Wrap
Sesame Beef Wrap

1 serving
335 calories per serving

1 large size 100 calorie wrap
3 oz. leftover lean beef (such as filet mignon or sirloin) sliced very thin
1 c shredded cabbage
½ t minced garlic
¼ c green bell pepper, sliced very thin
½ of a large rib of celery, sliced thin
2 T light Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing (by Kraft)
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat a skillet and spray with Pam. Add peppers and celery and sauté for 5 minutes. Add a tablespoon or so of water along the way to keep the veggies moist. Add garlic and sauté another 30 seconds. Add beef and cabbage and continue cooking 1-2 minutes. Add salt and pepper and then place it all in your wrap and roll it up. Here’s a link to a video that shows you how to wrap them up securely

Mini Meatball Soup

Tasty little meatballs in a aromatic steaming bowl of broth – this makes the whole house hungry as it cooks ! This is one of the best meatball soups I’ve made 🙂

Mini Meatball Soup
Mini Meatball Soup

4 servings
384 calories per serving

2 t oil
8 oz. sliced mushrooms
3 c coleslaw mix shredded cabbage
1 ½ t oregano flakes
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 c beef stock
2 c chicken stock
4 c water
2 T tomato paste
6 oz. lean ground beef
1 large egg
¼ c grated Parmesan cheese
¼ c bread crumbs
2 T parsley, chopped
½ t garlic powder
¾ t pepper
½ t salt
½ c chopped roasted red peppers
1 c minute rice

Heat oil in a heavy soup pan and sauté mushrooms for 4 minutes. Add cabbage, 1 t oregano and half the garlic. Cook 1 minute more and then add stocks, water and tomato paste. Reduce to medium heat. Mix beef, egg, cheese, bread crumbs, 1 ½ T parsley, garlic powder. pepper, salt, the rest of the oregano and the rest of the garlic. Make meatballs using only 1 teaspoon of mix per meatball, and place them in the broth and simmer about 10 minutes or until mostly done. Add peppers, rice and rest of the parsley. Let sit 6-7 minutes.

Chopped Salad

The idea of a chopped salad is to get all the ingredients chopped uniformly and small – otherwise, it is just not a chopped salad ! And to me, prepping things in this fashion DOES make a difference in the flavor of the salad. There is something about getting a bunch of the ingredients in your mouth at the same time – it just makes for a flavor explosion !

Chopped Salad
Chopped Salad

6 servings
200 calories per serving

1/2 c white balsamic vinegar
3 stalks celery, finely diced
2 carrots, finely diced
1 yellow bell pepper, finely diced
1 large peach, diced
1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced
2 c coarsely chopped arugula or spring mix or any other crisp greens
1 c thinly sliced napa cabbage
3 T olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
3 oz. crumbed low fat goat cheese
½ c slivered almonds or pine nuts, toasted
1 large hard boiled egg, sliced
Smoked paprika

Mix together all the veggies with oil and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper and then add in cheese and almonds. Top with eggs and sprinkle with paprika.

To toast the almonds, simply place in a hot skillet and sauté until toasty and starting to brown.

Asian Shrimp Soup

This is a great quick soup that does not skimp on flavor. I usually add in a teaspoon of Asian chili garlic sauce to spice it up, but it is just as good without it. If you know you are having a heavier dinner, this makes a great light lunch with a piece of garlic toast or a cheesy bagel on the side.

Asian Shrimp Soup
Asian Shrimp Soup

4 cups
63 calories per serving

4 c chicken broth
¼ c shredded carrot
2 c bok choy, coarsely chopped
¼ c water chestnuts, chopped
2 oz. sliced mushrooms
2 oz. popcorn (or other small) shrimp, cooked
2 T soy sauce

Bring broth to a boil and add carrots, bok choy, water chestnuts and mushrooms. Simmer 4 minutes then add shrimp and soy and heat through.

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