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Cappuccino Pops

These take a little work to get out of the molds, so let sit a bit before trying to unmold or you may end up with just the stick in your hands 🙂 Or try using the Dixie cup method which you can more easily peel off the dessert. The ice cream separates into 2 different layers so you end up with a great looking 3 layer pop that tastes just divine.

Cappuccino Pops
Cappuccino Pops

6 servings
61 calories per serving

2 c chocolate fat free ice cream, softened
1 T instant coffee
1 c cool whip, thawed
6 dixie cups and 6 sticks (or 6 ice pop molds)

Combine ice cream and 2 t coffee. Mix cool whip and 1 t coffee. Spoon ice cream mix into cups and then top with the cool whip mix. Cover cups with foil and push in the sticks. Freeze 4 hours or more. Peel cups from pops to serve.

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