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Strawberry Shortcake

Where do I begin? Sweet angel food cake? No, that was good, but that’s not the start. Luscious homemade whipped cream? No, as decadent as that was, it’s not the start of the story. The best, best part of this was the strawberry mix – – combing the balsamic and sugar along with the berries enhanced the flavor so much that it was like eating strawberries to the 10th power. It was just wonderful ! When you combined that flavor with the whipped cream and cake, this was just the most perfect dessert. I think it was way better than regular Strawberry Shortcake !

At only 160 calories, there is plenty of room to add some chocolate sauce – I’ll have to try that next time 🙂

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

4 servings
160 calories per serving

4 2 ½ inch thick slices Angel Food Cake (prepared)
1 pint strawberries, sliced
½ T balsamic vinegar
1 T sugar
¼ c heavy cream
¼ t vanilla

Mix berries with vinegar and ½ T sugar and let sit. Combine cream, vanilla and ½ T sugar and beat at high speed until soft peaks form. Top each slice of cake with cream and strawberries.

Creamy Garlic Noodles

Philadelphia Cream cheese sauces are pretty new – they have several flavors, but I think the Savory Garlic is my favorite. The richness of the cream cheese makes this a this a decadent side.

Creamy Garlic Noodles
Creamy Garlic Noodles

6 servings
313 calories per serving

8 oz whole wheat egg noodles
4 c frozen broccoli florets
1 1/3 c frozen mixed peas and carrots
6 oz. canned sliced mushrooms
Salt and pepper to taste
¼ t garlic powder
½ t onion powder
½ c Philadelphia Cooking Crème (Savory Garlic flavor)
¼ c fat free evaporated milk

Thaw frozen vegetables. Spray a skillet with Pam and sauté broccoli, peas and carrots, and mushrooms 10 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder then mix in the evaporated milk and heat another 2 minutes to heat through.. Cook noodles according to package instructions. When done, drain and stir with cooking crème. Mix in the vegetable sauté and serve immediately.

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is one of my daughter’s favorite dishes and she made it up for me the other night. My goodness, this has to be one of the best things I have EVER eaten. You can taste each individual spice and it’s like heaven on earth.

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala

4 servings
403 calories per serving

1 c plain non fat yogurt
1 T lemon juice
2 t ground cumin
1 t cinnamon
2 t cayenne pepper
2 t black pepper
1 T ginger, minced
2 t salt
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken cut into bite size pieces

1 T butter
1 clove garlic, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, sliced and then cut the rounds in half
2 t ground cumin
1 ½ t coriander
¼ t cardamom
¼ t turmeric
2 t paprika
¼ t cayenne
2 t salt
4 oz. tomato paste mixed with 4 oz. water
1 c heavy cream
¼ c cilantro, chopped

Mix all the marinade ingredients except the chicken. Place chicken in a zip loc bag and add the yogurt mix. Mush it around to coat all the chicken and then refrigerate 1 hour to overnight. Preheat grill. Grill chicken in a grill basket 5-6 minutes or until done. (You can also broil 4 minute a side)

Melt butter and sauté garlic and jalapeno 1 minute then add all the spices, tomato paste mix and cream. Simmer 15 minutes to thicken. Add chicken and simmer 5 minutes to heat through. Garnish with cilantro.

Peaches and Cream

I love fruit with vanilla yogurt. Adding some jam and graham cracker crumbs just makes it that much better ! This is a special dessert that the family will love.

Peaches and Cream
Peaches and Cream

1 serving
270 calories per serving

1/2 c frozen vanilla yogurt (I love Turkey Hill brand)
½ can (OZ) canned peaches in juice, drained and pat dry a bit
1 T raspberry or strawberry jam, warmed in the microwave
2 T Cool Whip
2 T crushed graham cracker

Place yogurt in bowl and add peaches. Drizzle jam on top then add whipped topping and graham crackers.

Ginger Lime Scallops

The ginger and lime flavors were very subtle in this dish – you can definitely dial them up if you want a more robust dish. But the subtlety was very nice and when combined with the great scallop flavor, this made a great seafood dish. The rich sauce made with butter and cream is soooo lovely !

Ginger Lime Scallops
Ginger Lime Scallops

6 servings
224 calories per serving

1/2 c dry white wine
1/2 c unsalted chicken broth
2 T minced shallots
1 t grated fresh ginger
1/4 t grated lime peel
1 1/2 lb. scallops
1/4 c unsalted butter
1/4 c whipping cream

Mix wine, broth, shallots, ginger, and lime peel in a skillet and boil uncovered until reduced by half. Stir in cream and boil until reduced to 3/4 c. Over medium heat add butter and incorporate into sauce. Keep warm. Rinse scallops and pat dry.. Spray scallops and another skillet with Pam. Saute scallops 7 to 10 minutes or until done. Pour sauce onto a warm platter lay scallops in sauce. Serve with optional brown rice (add 120 calories for each ½ c rice).

Orange Cream

Orangey, creamy, tons of pudding flavor – all for so few calories ! If you want them to come in with even less calories and still have a nice portion, just cut out a few of the orange segments and some of the granola.

Orange Cream
Orange Cream

4 servings
170 calories per serving

1 box (4 servings) sugar free low fat vanilla instant pudding
1 c orange juice
1 c fat free Cool Whip, thawed
2 granola bars, crushed
15 oz. can mandarin oranges

Beat pudding mix and juice with wire whisk 2 minutes. Refrigerate 5 minutes and then fold in Cool Whip. Divide into 4 parfait glasses. This step can be done up to a day ahead of serving. Just before serving top with granola and orange segments.

Fruit and Cream

This makes a really different dessert – instead of just pudding or just fruit – you have a creamy pudding-ish base with tons of yummy fruit thrown in. Very refreshing and very different !

Fruit and Cream
Fruit and Cream

16 servings
96 calories per serving

20 oz. can pineapple chunks in juice (not syrup), drained
15.25 oz. can sliced peaches in juice, drained
11 oz. can mandarin oranges, drained
4 apples, peeled and diced
1 ½ c skim milk
1/3 c orange juice concentrate
1 oz. package sugar free vanilla instant pudding mix
¾ c fat free sour cream

Mix fruit in a bowl. Whisk milk with pudding and orange juice for 2 minutes them mix in sour cream. Fold into fruit then cover and refrigerate.

Chicken Tetrazzini

Mark this down as another of those recipes that you will make again and again. Some of the noodles get a little crunchy from the oven and it makes the dish that much more enjoyable. Tetrazzini is usually made with spaghetti, but I like using fettucine noodles sometimes !

Chicken Tetrazzini
Chicken Tetrazzini

6 servings
400 calories per serving

7 oz. FiberGourmet pasta (fettuccine noodles or spaghetti) – without FiberGourmet pasta, this dish will not come in under 400 calories !

¼ c margarine
¼ c flour
½ t salt
¼ t pepper
1 c chicken broth
3/4 c heavy cream
¼ c skim milk
2 T water
1 ½ lb. cooked chicken in bite sized pieces (Perdue Shortcuts work great here!)
1 can sliced mushrooms
½ c parmesan cheese

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Cook pasta according to package instructions. Melt margarine on low heat and stir in flour, salt and pepper and stir constantly until smooth and bubbly then remove from heat. Stir in the broth and cream and then heat to boiling stirring constantly and cook 1 minute. Then stir in water, pasta, chicken and mushrooms. Put into a baking dish and sprinkle with cheese and bake ½ hour.

Garlic Seafood Soup

This recipe gives you a simple seafood soup that has such a deep flavor ! Using all the shells in the broth preparation makes such a difference. You will love this one !

Garlic Seafood Soup
Garlic Seafood Soup

6 servings
301 calories per serving

8 oz. medium shrimp, shells on
2 c onion, chopped
12 cloves garlic, minced
½ green bell pepper, halved
1/4 c chicken broth
6 c water
1 T butter
2 T flour
3/4 c heavy cream
1 t salt
1 lb. red snapper fillets, cut into bite size pieces
3 T chopped cilantro leaves

Peel and clean the shrimp. Reserve the shells. Heat a soup pan on medium high and spray with Pam. Add shells, onion, garlic, and pepper and saute 5 minutes. Add broth and cook 3 minutes. Add water and bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer 40 minutes or until liquid equals about 3 cups. Strain liquid into a bowl and discard all the solid pieces. Clean the pot and heat to medium high again. Melt butter and stir in flour. Cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Slowly add shrimp broth whisking constantly. Stir in rest of the broth and salt and bring back to a boil. Cook 5 minutes and then drop in shrimp and fish and cream. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes or until fish is done. Promptly remove from heat. Top each bowlful with cilantro.

Fruit and Creamsicles

Healthy, sweet, frozen, different – these make a great snack ! Try serving with a little cookie pressed into the top.

Fruit and Creamsicles
Fruit and Creamsicles

12 servings
94 calories per serving

¼ c walnuts
2 ripe bananas
2 c non fat sour cream
8 oz. can unsweetened crushed pineapple, drained well
1/3 c mini marshmallows
¼ c sugar
1 t vanilla

Pulse walnuts in a blender to chop finely. Add bananas and pulse to blend then add cream, pineapple, marshmallows, sugar and vanilla and pulse to mix. Spoon ¼ c in each of 12 muffin cups and freeze 2 hours them remove and serve (I use silicone muffin cups).

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