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Frosty Mocha Drink

What a great afternoon pick-me-up! Sweet, chocolately, just the right amount of coffee, and nice and cold. (Much like a Wendy’s Frosty)

Frosty Mocha Drink
Frosty Mocha Drink

4 servings
118 calories per serving

1 ½ c skim milk
1/3 c chocolate syrup
2 T instant malted milk powder
2 T instant coffee
3 ½ c ice cubes

Combine milk, syrup, malted milk and coffee in a blender. Then add ice in a couple batches blending in between each batch and then serve immediately.

Frosty Fruit Cups

These little desserts very much remind me of a yogurt pie recipe which I actually have scheduled to make in a couple of weeks. These only take 5 minutes to throw together and they are so sweet and tart ! You can really use any flavor yogurt and any chopped fruit so mix it up and have some fun 🙂

Frosty Fruit Cups
Frosty Fruit Cups

12 servings
74 calories per serving

2 c nonfat orange yogurt
17 oz. can apricot halves, drained and chopped
¼ c chopped pecans

Combine yogurt and fruit. Divide among 12 muffin cups and sprinkle with nuts. Freeze 2 hours and them remove from cups and serve in small bowls. I use silicone cups for desserts such as these. (they are also great for making cupcakes !!)

If they remain frozen for more than a couple of hours, defrost for 10 minutes or so before serving.

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