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Strawberry Ice ‘Cream’ (no ice cream maker needed)

This is so completely and utterly delicious ! You won’t even miss the CREAM in this ice ‘cream’. The yogurt and sugar make a great, sweet and creamy base and then the minced up frozen strawberries just take over and you have an explosion of flavor with each bite. This is an award winner. And at 70 calories per serving – soooooooooooo guilt free !

Strawberry Ice 'Cream'
Strawberry Ice 'Cream'

4 servings
70 calories per serving

1 lb. frozen strawberries
1 c 2 % plain Greek yogurt
¼ c sugar
½ t vanilla extract

In food processor pulse 1 c frozen berries until finely chopped and then transfer to a metal bowl (a metal bowl will get colder quicker in the freezer). Process yogurt, sugar, vanilla and the rest of the berries – move to metal bowl and stir with the other strawberries. Cover and freeze 1 hour (do not let get too hard).

Strawberry Tea

Cool, fruity and refreshing – this is a nice mix of fruit and tea. And when you add a little rum, then it is just heaven !

Strawberry Tea
Strawberry Tea

8 servings
62 calories per serving

1 c orange juice
¼ c Splenda (skip this if you use pre-sweetened tea)
1/3 c iced tea mix
10 oz. frozen strawberries, thawed
4 c water
2 c crushed ice

Blend orange juice, Splenda, tea and berries until smooth. Pour into a pitcher and add water and ice.

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