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FREE App is available in iTunes

Grab the FREE ‘400 Calories or Less’ App for great handpicked recipes for Summer Fun, Kid Friendly Food, Holidays and Entertaining and Dinners from Around the World. If you love it, grab the full versions.

iTunes app
iTunes app

Get it HERE !! And I sure appreciate your leaving a review over at iTunes.

Get the ‘400 Calories or Less’ App and eBooks now !

I’m so very pleased to announce the 400 Calorie or Less App and eBooks ! The eBooks are now available for the Nook and the Kindle. There are 4 eBooks and they each host 40+ recipes to help you lose weight while eating the foods you love and crave. The iOS App is all-in-one and is free to try, so get it while it’s hot !!

400 Calorie or Less eBooks
400 Calorie or Less eBooks

Kid Friendly Cookbook

In the Kid Friendly Cookbook, you’ll learn low calories variations to kid friendly classics such as recipes for sloppy joes, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken bakes and fettuccine alfredo.

Summer Fun Cookbook

In the Summer Fun Cookbook, you’ll find recipes for grilling favorites, salads, sweets, and delicious drinks that are perfect for summer. Whether you’re planning to relax by the pool, host a party, or have a picnic, the Summer Fun cookbook has you covered.

Around the World Cookbook

In the Around the World Cookbook, travel the world without leaving your kitchen – or losing track of calories with recipes influenced by Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian and American cuisines.

Holiday Recipe Cookbook

This next holiday, there’s no need to add another notch in your belt. In the Holidays Recipe Cookbook, you will find healthy adaptations of classic holiday recipes fit for entertaining and satisfying the most indulgent guests.

Use this link to find out more information and to get your copy.

Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy the publications.

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Farmer’s Market Fans Rejoice !

Second to cooking, my favorite thing is geeking out with my iOS apps. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you have to check out a great app that brings the 2 together – – Farmers Market Finder. In the free version you get all the listings for California markets. In the paid version, called USA Farm Fresh, you get listings in all states. Just visit the iTunes store or head on over to the developer’s site to download it now.

This is a great way to find some new markets and to get all the details you need on markets you may already know (directions, contact information, etc.). Just let the app use its locator to find you and then it will list all the close by markets. Each listing includes contact information and a visual representation of what you will find at the market (fruit, veggies, poultry, bakery goods, plants, flowers, etc.)

You can browse listings, search, locate markets on a map and you can save all your favorites. I love that I can be on the road anywhere and do a quick search and find great new markets that I may not have even known about. There’s no better way to find the freshest foods available than to head out to your local farmer’s markets. See you there ! 🙂

Get the app on iTunes or at the developer site.

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