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Pop Chips and Dip

Pop Chips are these amazingly good chips that are popped (much like popcorn) rather than fried or baked. They are low cal, healthy and delicious and I am so hooked ! And there is nothing like a good onion dip – people always want my recipe for this one and can’t believe it is so simple. (It’s great with chips, pretzels, cut up bell pepper strips, celery)

Pop Chips and Dip
Pop Chips and Dip

1 serving
170 calories per serving

1 100 calorie bag of Pop Chips
6 T low fat sour cream
2 t dry onion soup mix

For dip mix 3 T low fat sour cream with 2 t dry onion soup mix.

Pop Chips – an awesome snack coming in at only 100 calories for a nice portion bag.

One Stop Shopping

Here is a comprehensive ONE STOP SHOPPING list that has all the items I have recommended throughout all my posts. Many of these are available in your local stores, but some are specialty items.


Sugar Free Syrups – There’s no better way to make a low fat latte ! These come in all sorts of flavors from simple to sophisticated.

Pop Chips – an awesome snack coming in at only 100 calories for a nice portion bag.

FiberGourmet Pasta – anything that can give me more pasta per square calorie is OK in my book ! This stuff is amazing ! Use it anywhere you would use regular pasta, like pasta salads or macaroni and cheese. It even beats the whole wheat versions coming in at just 130 calories per 4 ounce serving !


Citrus Zester – hands down the best citrus zester I have used – this makes nice small gratings suitable for cooking, salads, baking, etc.

Steamer Basket
– Steamed veggies can be great when the right spices are added. Don’t shy away thinking ‘steamed’ means bland. For instance, try these lemony steamed green beans.

Garlic Chopper – a great invention – this takes all the effort out of mincing garlic and it is so much fresher tasting than the bottled pre-minced stuff.

Chocolate Mill – great for shaving chocolate atop desserts and lattes !

Espresso Maker – If you’re in the market for one, I highly suggest this. It makes THE BEST espresso.

Dutch Oven – every kitchen needs a Dutch oven – some recipes just do not come out the same without one. It is a very heavy duty pot that allows you to cook things slowly for hours without burning the contents. From soups to stews to sauces, this is a kitchen must have.

Grill Basket – forget kabobs – put all the ingredients in the basket and cook away. Make a great “Mexican Kabobs” recipe in a snap !

Avocado Slicer – hands down, the best way to slice an avocado in to perfect slices

Kitchen Scale – I like to take the guess work out of weighing things – this is a great tool when you are watching your weight


Here are some great ‘walking’ DVDs so you can get some exercise

Quick Grab Snacks

I have a set of ‘GO TO’ snacks so that when I am hungry, I don’t dig into something that will tip the calorie scale for the day. Make a list, keep them around the house, keep them front and center on your snack shelves !

Almonds – raw, unsalted – – great for also getting in your good fats for the day
Sunflower seeds – high on the calorie scale but if you eat them individually, you’ll be tired by time you come to the end of 1/4 cup 🙂
Low fat string cheese – only 50-70 calories per stick and very satisfying
Turkey Pepperoni – pair it up with the string cheese !
Fiber One 50 calorie cups of yogurt
Celery sticks – cut them up on Sunday and keep them in a container ready to go all week (dip in Tzatziki) or eat with a Light Laughing Cow cheese
Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge – only 35 calories – WOW!
Pop Chips – these AWESOME 100 calorie chips are real potatoes, they are just popped instead of fried or baked. They come in many flavors and you can get them in single serve bags and the come out to less than a dollar a bag

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips – eaten a few at a time, a tablespoon or 2 can keep you busy for a while
Jax (cheese doodles) – lots of curls for 130 calories
Ricola chewy breath mints – very minty – and after mint, I don’t want anything else for a while
Coffee – not a snack when it is just coffee, but by the time I am done with flavorings and toppings, it is more like a low cal dessert 🙂 I will get a few of these recipes up soon

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