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GIVEAWAY !! 2 Lucky 400 Calories or Less readers will win.

Looking for a great comprehensive cooking app? Try Trufflehead ! Whether you are a beginner cook or a seasoned cook looking to sharpen your skills, Trufflehead can help you make it happen. 240 recipes, ingredient and equipment information, 170 multimedia how-to guides and smart shopping lists are just the beginning.

Learn the basics, improve your skills and expand your repertoire with the Trufflehead app that includes vegetarian, gluten free and make ahead lunch recipes. All recipes include full nutritional information and are meals you will make again and again. Cook the Adventure !

Take your cooking to the next level ! The first 2 people to send an email to talk@trufflehead.com with the subject 400 Calories or Less will win a full copy of the iPhone / iPad app.

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