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Cuban Beef

The sauce on this actually makes the beef taste and feel ‘light’. We had our doubts about serving citrus with beef, but the tangy and citrusy flavor combines well with the beef and this is definitely a recipe I will do again ! Serve with a great big salad for a great meal.

Cuban Beef
Cuban Beef

4 servings
360 calories per serving

10 oz. filet mignon
Salt and pepper to taste
1 c fresh orange juice
2 T lime juice
½ c black beans
1/4 c Steamed brown rice

Heat skillet to med high. Put in 2 1/2 oz filet mignon and cook to desired doneness. Remove from heat and add salt and pepper. (or you can grill the meat and it still tastes great!). Add orange juice and lime juice to skillet and simmer. Slice the steak and serve over 1/2 c warm black beans and steamed brown rice. Drizzle with the citrus mixture.

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