I’m a Winner :) Thank you Foodie Blogroll !

I received my Barney Butter prize and I AM HOOKED ! Regular almond butter is usually gritty and pasty – this is nothing like that… it’s even creamier than Skippy creamy peanut butter. And the chunky version is just divine !

For breakfast I often have peanut butter on toast while my husband has his ‘almond paste’ on toast.   Not any more ! This product is really grand.

And forget about baking with it – – I am going to make chocolate cupcakes and use the chunky version as the frosting. It will be like frosting them and then sprinkling with nuts – but all in one application. I am so glad my local Shop Rite carries this product. If your grocer does not, visit the website at www.barneybutter.com and get yours today. You won’t believe the difference.


I’ve won a food contest at Foodie Blogroll 🙂
The Foodie Blog Roll Contests: Winner!

Once I receive my prize, I’ll be sure to test out the product and leave some feedback here – I’m already thinking about some almond cookies…Mmmmmm

Have any of you ever tasted this product before?

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