Tilapia with Lemon Pepper

Tilapia is a great white fish that is farmed raised making it widely available in restaurants and grocery stores throughout the US. It cooks quickly, and has a nice texture when quickly pan fried. Even doubling this recipe to 6 oz. leaves you another 200 calories for a filling side dish such as Foiled O’Brien; potatoes and peppers steamed in a foil packet.

Tilapia with Lemon Pepper
Tilapia with Lemon Pepper

1 serving
100 calories per serving

3 oz tilapia
Salt to taste
Lemon pepper to taste (I pile it on!)

Heat a small skillet on medium low and spray with Pam. Place the fish in the pan and sprinkle with salt and lemon pepper. Cook 3 minutes. Gently flip the fish and sprinkle with more salt and lemon pepper. Cook another 3-5 minutes or until fish is done. It is done when the flesh is flaky and opaque rather than translucent.

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