• Homemade Lo Mein

    January 13th, 2010adminAsian, Sides, Vegetables

    It is sooooo worth finding these noodles and making this dish. It is authentic, satisfying , soooo low cal considering the big portion you get and it is truly delicious.

    Homemade Lo Mein

    Homemade Lo Mein

    4 servings
    212 calories per serving

    2 8 oz. packages of House Tofu Shiratake Noodles (available in most food markets and definitely in Asian markets. You’ll find them with the tofu products – SO LOW cal and so noodly!)
    4 T olive oil
    4 cloves garlic, crushed
    4 T green onions, sliced
    1 c celery, sliced thinly
    2 c carrots, shredded (buy them pre-shredded to save time)
    3 T teriyaki sauce
    3 T Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Prepare noodles according to package instructions (rinse, microwave 1 minute, dry on a paper towel). Cut the noodles into 3 or 4 inch lengths. Using a pair of kitchen scissors makes this task easy. Heat oil in a non stick pan. On medium high, cook garlic, onions, celery and carrots. Cook 5 -7 minutes, until veggies are soft. Stir in noodles and press into a flat layer. Cook 3 minutes on high heat. Add the teriyaki and dressing and mix well. Cook 3-4 minutes longer on medium high heat.

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