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Turkey and Cheese Rolls

Think of this as a turkey sandwich without the bread. It is so light, yet super tasty and a great healthy lunch. It packs easily and it’s as easy as putting together a sandwich. You have heard about meatless days – try some carb free days for a boost to your diet.

Turkey and Cheese Rolls
Turkey and Cheese Rolls

1 serving
95 calories per serving

6 slices deli thin turkey slices (Hillshire Farms or Oscar Mayer presliced deli meat is great!) – I like to use the cracked pepper turkey for extra flavor.
1 wedge Light Laughing Cow cheese
2 iceberg lettuce leaves

Spread lettuce leaves with cheese. Place turkey in leaves and roll up – secure with a toothpick or if you are packing them, roll with foil to keep fresh.

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