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Torani Tea

When you’re in the mood for a great refreshing summer drink, why not make a flavored iced tea? Adding flavor definitely takes the ho-hum out of a glass of iced tea ! Torani makes some GREAT flavored syrups that you can use.

Torani Tea
Torani Tea

I use their syrups making lo fat lattes and all sort of coffee drinks. And they have a whole bunch of fruit flavored syrups that are perfect in a glass of iced tea. Some are sugar free and ZERO calories. Others have sugar and are 80 calories or so per ounce.

What I love is that their flavors don’t taste like fake flavoring – the blood orange tastes like you squeezed a blood orange into the tea ! Watermelon syrup makes you think you just bit into a slice of watermelon. And the coffee ones are the same – pumpkin, gingerbread, vanilla – – all GREAT flavors that don’t have any nasty aftertaste and make a real treat out of your everyday coffee and tea drinks.

1 serving
5-85 calories per serving

6 oz. hot black tea
Glass of ice
1 oz. Torani syrup – today I am using BLOOD ORANGE

Mix all together and enjoy 🙂 Can’t you just taste it from there ????

Strawberry Tea

Cool, fruity and refreshing – this is a nice mix of fruit and tea. And when you add a little rum, then it is just heaven !

Strawberry Tea
Strawberry Tea

8 servings
62 calories per serving

1 c orange juice
¼ c Splenda (skip this if you use pre-sweetened tea)
1/3 c iced tea mix
10 oz. frozen strawberries, thawed
4 c water
2 c crushed ice

Blend orange juice, Splenda, tea and berries until smooth. Pour into a pitcher and add water and ice.