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Pop Chips and Dip

Pop Chips are these amazingly good chips that are popped (much like popcorn) rather than fried or baked. They are low cal, healthy and delicious and I am so hooked ! And there is nothing like a good onion dip – people always want my recipe for this one and can’t believe it is so simple. (It’s great with chips, pretzels, cut up bell pepper strips, celery)

Pop Chips and Dip
Pop Chips and Dip

1 serving
170 calories per serving

1 100 calorie bag of Pop Chips
6 T low fat sour cream
2 t dry onion soup mix

For dip mix 3 T low fat sour cream with 2 t dry onion soup mix.

Pop Chips – an awesome snack coming in at only 100 calories for a nice portion bag.

Cottage Cheese Dip

This is a nice change up to serving cottage cheese with fruit – instead add a little cheese, dill and onion powder and you have a nice savory dip for crackers, veggies or pita chips.

Cottage Cheese Dip
Cottage Cheese Dip

½ c
75 calories per serving (1 serving = 2 T)

½ c low fat cottage cheese
2 T shredded cheddar cheese
¼ t dillweed
1/8 t salt
¼ t onion powder

Mash the cottage cheese with a fork and add cheddar and spices. Stir well and serve with veggies or crackers.

Homemade Flatbreads

I make these so often that I just had to repost – – this last time I used olive oil and simply sprinkled with sea salt and they were just divine !

These flatbreads are so versatile. They make a great side, or a great snack or even a great appetizer. Try different spice combinations – olive oil and parmesan cheese, or olive oil and cayenne pepper and garlic powder for a zesty taste treat. To make a sweet version, sprinkle with a mixture of Splenda brown sugar and cinnamon.

Homemade Flat Breads
Homemade Flat Breads

4 servings
80 calories per serving
1 serving = 3 flat breads

1 1/2 t kosher salt
1 t poppy seeds
1 t sesame seeds
1 1/2 t sesame oil (you can sub olive oil)
1 1/2 t water
12 wonton wrappers

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lay wontons flat without overlapping on a cookie tray. Mix oil and water and brush over wontons. Sprinkle with salt and seeds. Bake 5 minutes or until crisp.

Potato Skins

These are very filling and make a great snack, appetizer or even a side to a low cal fish dish. You can always dress them up with more ‘stuff’ and just each one to keep the calorie count down – they are very filling, so one should do as a side. Tye adding some cooked crumbled turkey bacon, or some extra low fat cheddar cheese…maybe even some caramelized onions !

Potato Skins
Potato Skins

4 servings
262 calories per serving

4 large potatoes (8 oz. each)
2 t oil
¼ c parmesan cheese
½ c skim milk
3 T low fat cream cheese
¾ t salt
¼ t pepper
3 T low fat sour cream
3 T sliced scallions

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Wash the potatoes and prick them with a fork. Microwave on high 10 minutes, then turn and microwave another 5 minutes. Let cook a bit and then slice in half lengthwise and carefully scoop out the flash keep the skins intact. Place the skins on a cookie sheet and brush with the oil and sprinkle with 2 t of the parmesan cheese. Bake 10 minutes or until golden. Meantime mix the rest of the parmesan with the potato, milk, cream cheese, salt and pepper. When skins are toasty, fill with the potato mix and bake another 7-9 minutes or until hot throughout. Dollop with sour cream and sprinkle with scallion just before serving.

Cheesy Spirals

Don’t let the fact that there is not a lot of cheese in these dissuade you – these are so very good and the fragrance of them under your nose while you are biting in makes them all the more better. Great as an appetizer or a snack or a side, these cheesy bread puffs are awesome !

Cheesy Spirals
Cheesy Spirals

8 servings
70 calories per serving

4 oz. can of low fat crescent rolls
¼ c chopped green onions
1/8 t garlic powder
¼ c shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Remove dough from can but do not unroll it. Cut into 8 slices and place slices on an ungreased cookie sheet and place all the ingredients on top of the rolls and press down lightly. Bake 10-13 minutes or until golden brown.

Black Bean Hummus

This is exactly what is says – the flavor of black bean dip mixed with the flavor of hummus and it was quite good ! Serve with Triscuits or homemade pita chips for a great appetizer or snack !

Black Bean Hummus
Black Bean Hummus

1 ½ cups
43 calories per serving (1 serving = 2 T)

15 oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 T tahini (sesame seed paste)
1 T low fat sour cream
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 T minced tomato
1 T lime juice
1 t cumin
Pepper to taste

In a food processor mix all ingredients and process until smooth.

Greek Bruschetta

Bruschetta is simply a dish that has some short of chopped tomatoes served on top of some type of bread product. There are a million variations – this one is Greek and oh so good ! Cut into wedges, these make a great appetizer. Served whole, they make an awesome lunch ! 1 whole pita is only 180 calories so there’s still room for some soup or salad on the side 🙂

Greek Bruschetta
Greek Bruschetta

6 servings
60 calories per serving

2 7 inch whole wheat pitas
1 T fat free balsamic vinaigrette
1 T chopped basil
1 large plum tomato, seeded and chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/3 c fat free plain hummus
1 T shredded parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place pitas on a cookie sheet and bake 6 minutes or until a bit crisp. Mix vinaigrette, basil, tomato and garlic. Spread the hummus evenly on the 2 pitas and then spoon over the tomato mixture. Sprinkle with the cheese and bake 5-6 minutes or until hot. Cut each pita into 6 wedges.

Champagne Fruit

[FA_Lite id=”9343″]

What a festive way to serve fruit! This was a great dessert and great drink – so colorful, so flavorful, so sweet ! It’s also a very versatile recipe – don’t like strawberries, use bananas instead….don’t like raisins, leave them out…substitute mandarin oranges for fresh oranges ! Make it your own 🙂

Champagne Fruit
Champagne Fruit

4 servings
82 calories per serving

½ c chopped oranges
½ c sliced banana
½ c chopped apples
½ c sliced strawberries
2 T raisins
12 oz. diet lemon lime soda

Mix fruit and spoon into fancy cups – pour soda over fruit and serve with spoons.

This is so pretty, I had to take a nice close up shot…

Champagne Fruit
Champagne Fruit

Zucchini Pizzas

These were just fabulous ! The big cheese flavor makes you forget that you have a zucchini under there instead of a crust. And using tomato paste instead of sauce really makes for a rich flavor. You get a whole zucchini’s worth for just 90 calories !!

Zucchini Pizzas
Zucchini Pizzas

36 pizzas
90 calories per serving (1 serving = 12 pieces)

3 medium zucchinis each sliced into 12 pieces
6 oz. can tomato paste
36 thin slices 1 inch square part skim mozzarella cheese
1/3 c parmesan cheese
Mixed Italian herbs (oregano, basil, parsley)

Preheat broiler. Parboil zucchini slices 1-2 minutes and then drain on paper towels. Place on a baking sheet and top each piece with 1 t tomato paste and one slice cheese. Then top with ½ t parmesan and herbs. Broil 3 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Open Face Eggplant Melts

These are INCREDIBLY good – each piece in and of itself is good, and all put together, it makes an awesome appetizer, lunch or snack ! The balsamic dressing on the eggplant and zucchini make this very special and I recommend you don’t skip that step.

Open Face Eggplant Melt
Open Face Eggplant Melt

4 servings
260 calories per serving

1/2 lb. eggplant cut into 8 slices
1 medium zucchini sliced lengthwise into 8 long slices
1/3 c low fat balsamic vinegar dressing
4 ¾ inch thick slices of Italian bread
3 T low fat mayo
½ t basil flakes
Pepper to taste
1 tomato cut into 8 slices
3 slices part skim ricotta each cut into 4 strips

Spray a cookie sheet with Pam and preheat broiler. Place eggplant and zucchini slices on sheet and brush with half of the dressing then broil 5 minutes, turn, brush with the rest of the dressing, and broil another 5-7 minutes. Place bread slices on a cookie sheet and broil 1-2 minutes to lightly toast. Combine mayo, basil and pepper and spread on bread. Top each piece of bread with 2 eggplant slices, 2 zucchini slices, 2 tomato slices and 3 strips of cheese and broil 1-2 minutes. If the bread you use is not large enough to support 2 pieces of eggplant, zucchini and tomato, cut it down to 1 and lay the cheese across lengthwise rather than crosswise.

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